Sunday, December 14, 2008

Extra! Virgin - Weekly Virgin News

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I google a lot. A lot. I've been using the term "google it" since I was 10. Needless to say I would google "virgin" every once in a while to see what pops up. When I find something interesting, I'll post it here. :) I'm thinking a weekly virgin-related news post. We'll see how it goes.

Virgin Mary XXX Well now they've done it. Really. Virgin Mary? Playboy cover? I know porn is definitely one to push the boundaries but you can't tell me that there was no one in the boardroom to speak up and say, ", guys? We're kinda making an allusion to the mother of Jesus...except we're making her naked with just a blanket over her head. Don't you think this is gonna get us in trouble? You know...since we're in MEXICO?"

That's right. Playboy MEXICO is the reason behind this. Days before the Day of the Virgin Mary. How nice.

Read the whole story here

In other Britain's oldest virgin.Clara Meadmore. She's 105. Mad props to her. Not that I'd want to be 105 and have never gotten laid. But, she definitely should be the mascot for willpower and celibacy. If she can do it, you can too!

'I imagine there is a lot of hassle involved and I have always been busy doing other things. I've never had a boyfriend - I've never been bothered about relationships.' she said back in October.

I think I'd like to meet her. She went on to say she decided at age 10 (the age that I started using "google it") that she would never get married and stuck with that. The idea of never wanting to be in a relationship baffles me. In the same way, I'm sure, that I baffle my friends with the idea of wanting to wait to have sex.

Well, here's to Clara.

And finally, I was reading this article about an experiment conducted in Australia that came to conclusion that science majors are more likely to remain virgins than art majors.

...I'm an art major.

...Interesting. Then again I'm used to being an outlier.

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